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What are the reasons for hiring an advisor?

Benefit Of A Third Party Perspective
» Validation of internal analysis and strategy
» Ability to challenge internal assumptions
  » Broader external perspective
  » Experience with internal operational issues
  » Dispassionate, disinterested
  » Insulated from internal political pressures, immune from institutional biases

Depth Of Knowledge Of Issues And Trends In The Industry
» Ability to provide essential background for decision-making
  » Awareness of what competitors are thinking & doing
  » Ability to judge impact of emerging trends & regulations

Source Of Strategic Ideas

Ability To Perform Valid Comparative Analysis
» Follows all the major industry participants
» Understands key performance measures
» Able to explain differences
» Able to demonstrate where a given company fits in the overall competitive landscape

Valuation Expertise
» Bears directly on subsequent M&A issues
» Defending tax valuations
» A rigorous analytical basis for assumptions in making financial projections

Financial Modeling Expertise
» Validated across a wide variety of transactions

M&A Execution Expertise
» Management of process
» Value-added service
  » Value recognition
  » Awareness of market participants, their objectives, biases, strategies, etc.
  » Conversant with process tactics, gamesmanship
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